Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ari King on Movies and Acting

AK, the bruh since pre-k, provides us with some thoughts on the world of acting, his motives, and why Judd Apatow is so hot right now. Usually the funniest dude in the room, his insight is on point and relevant to anyone looking to get into the acting game.

the key to being a good actor: You have to enjoy it. It's rare to be really good at something you don't like. In order to be good at something, you likely have worked hard or put in some effort to get there. It's tough to put in work when doing something you don't like.

on Judd Apatow: The man makes hits and is hilarious. The best part is someone, if not everyone, can relate to his movies. In Superbad, everyone has tried to buy alcohol underage or knows what it's like to be with someone with a fake ID. And Im no 40 year old virgin but when that first came out, everyone was rollin. It's funny because its possible and its real life. We have been there. Take the Matrix on the flip side: Although it was cool, I have never dodged a bullet or jumped out of a helicopter but I have tried to flirt with a girl in class.

best thing about being an actor: You get to change up who you are. In a normal job, you head to the office day in and day out as Rick McGoober. As an actor one day you are Lucas Cooltone and the next role you are Samuel Swenky. Versatility. So you don't just fall in a routine of something boring. You can be funny, serious, dramatic, in love, etc.

the key to a classic movie: A classic movie has to have something memorable. Something unique. Whether that be a memorable peformance or a memorable scene, it has to stand out.

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