Monday, August 17, 2009

BLU at the FAME Festival

I hope this becomes the norm. Art can do so much. It has the ability to infiltrate our minds and force us to think, or better yet to feel. It can open our minds to wonder, while answering the toughest questions. Italian street artist BLU allows us to imagine what art can be. This piece serves as a glimpse into the endless possibilities that art gives us to make a statement. Below is a piece written by angelino, as he speaks on the work of BLU's creation for the FAME festival in Italy:

"people is bad. some other people is just nice.

if you’re new to FAME festival, you probably dont know that Grottaglie is 10 minutes far from Taranto. if you’ve been in Taranto, you probably remember that the city has a massive ugly factory called ILVA (one of the biggest steel factory in europe).

this factory is destroying the territory and killing a lot of workers ’cause of its big lack of security measures and high environmental pollution. the direct consequence is that Taranto has one of the highest rate of death by cancer in italy.

As a plus, the smartest politicians from Grottaglie’s town council allowed, back in ‘96, the construction of a very filthy special wastes dump right outside the city. they did not inform the people, they did not ask anybody’s opinion, they just did it. i wish i could wonder WHY they did it.

this said,

i usually like to think that every piece of art can have different meaning, depending on who is looking at it and from wich perspective he is looking from. this time, i prefer to think that we’re all looking at a mere mirror of the actual situation we’re living in.

especially for our mean local politicians, none of them excluded. i hope that they can recognise themselves in these huge faces and feel disgusted for what they’ve done to their people." - angelino



  1. U R right--truly thought provoking. Keep up the art vignettes W&B.

  2. Did you watch his vids? They are the fucking craziest. The giant cross-sectioned head he did at the tate was sick too.


  3. Amazing artist and poignant commentary from Angelino. Good work W&B.