Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kid Cudi Man On The Moon Album Artwork

Cudi's music is GOOD, pun intended, but his presentation and delivery is great. Maybe you'd call it artistry. While he has provided us with music to live to, he has also created compelling visual works to accompany his music and further portray his demeanor and scope. With the album set to drop September 15th, Cudi has the ball in his court and the game in his hands. As afore mentioned, the best artists have us anticipating what they'll do next. Cudi's Man On The Moon cover does just that.



  1. Truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was pretty dissapointed when I found out his album was being pushed back, but seeing this makes waiting worth it.

    Thanks for the comments on the blog!

    C. Williams

  2. Love the Kid but his artwork looks like a really bad Tumor Lol... waiting for the album to drop