Friday, August 7, 2009

Lil' Wayne feat. Gucci Mane - "We Be Steady Mobbin"

Wag came through with a gift. Something for the car. A quick reminder from Wayne. One of those tracks. Now, one may raise the question, when was this track made, was this recorded in '07 and released in '09? It would make a difference. Is this Wayne right now or old Wayne? Who knows. Perhaps we should just appreciate a dude just out here nearly redefining his craft. But this raises another question, who is running the game right now? Rebirth rattled Waynes thrown, but a few tracks like this can secure the spot. Drizzy Yeezy and Jay are right there too. It's nice. In a small way, hip hop is regaining its purity. The best rise to the top. It's an exciting time. Everything is changing.


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