Monday, August 10, 2009

Nike Presents The Hyperizers

Part of Nike's latest ad campaign for the Hyperize kicks. Can't say I love the shoes, but this shit is worth the watch for so many reasons. If the idea of Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, Rashard Lewis and Mo Williams gettin on a track isn't reason enough, at least watch for Mo's jheri curl. Is it me or does Durant lightweight have bars? Quik cameos would explain why the song kinda slaps. On some Space Jam soundtrack shit. Yet another moment in the long and storied history of hoopers trying to rap. Bet you weren't up on this though.



  1. I Did not know Mo' had six fingers no wonder why he has great ball handling skills lol

  2. what is the purpose of this commericall ewwww!
    i hate it lol,
    like everytime it comes on i wanna throw my tv on the floor!