Thursday, August 13, 2009

Typewriter Sculptures By Jeremy Mayer

No adhesives, no welding. Just skill and talent. Created entirely from cold assembly, Jeremy Mayers fascination with typewriters has brought him to the forefront of contemporary sculpting. By disassembling and then reassembling typewriters, Jeremy has created a series of full-scale anatomically correct human figures. Makes you kind of wonder, when it comes to creative expression, what can't we do?

on typewriters and their function: "I think of the typewriter as a product of nature- it was designed by minds immersed in nature around them, and mimicked the curves, geometry, and physical processes abounding in nature. Though it is cold metal created by human hands, the typewriter is just as much a natural material as stone or wood. I concentrate on bringing this fascination with the raw material and interest in science and science fiction together in the subtleties of the human form." - Jeremy Mayer

via oddee



  1. damn those 3 pictures really tripped me out

  2. Wow that is impressive. very unique.

  3. wow. these look insane and a bit freaky! lol. awesome. lol. =)

  4. If only my typing teacher were alive to see this! Thanks Wine and Bowties.