Friday, August 14, 2009

The Void LP Player

Now take a look at this. Ben just laced us. We all know vinyl sales are up in the '09. This is pretty much the iciest vinyl player out. On some Sharper Image tip. Known as the Void LP Player, the record player uses a carrier and dock outfitted with a magnetic control system which carries the LP into thin air as it is playing music. A self-running record player shaped in the form of a red sphere, contains a needle, amplifier and speaker, which spins around the record. Amazing. A single contraption with the ability to transform a cardboard box into a studio apartment. Ha ha. Dinner time.



  1. R u kidding. Bring out the boxes of albums...I've got to see this in action. nn

  2. Yes. I want to see it too. Makes me wonder what we'll have in 5 years