Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Settler Kicks: Hollywood Ranch Market Deck Shoes

Some nice lil settler kicks. The white laces make the girls say wooo. These are really clean though. The new movement for us dudes is to have footwear that's wearable in any environment. From class, to an interview to a date you can just rock the same kicks throughout the day and be solid. That my friends is the movement. It's been the movement but I'M just becoming acquainted with it. Feel free to throw me a late pass if you've already been on it. Dom prolly has. Erry tho. To get specific, these shoes come from Hollywood Ranch Market which is a Japanese label with Portugese manufacturing. Only 1 color. And again the SWIT factor (watitdo AK) is that these kicks will set you back a solid $179. If you're doin it though, you can cop them here.


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