Friday, April 17, 2009

The Balance Between Good & Evil

There is a fine line between good and evil. Will you stand on it and try to balance, or will you fall to one side and be praised, or fall to the other and be vilified?

To be the hero or the zero? The white knight or the black knight?

Again, we mortals struggle to find balance; we teeter between good and evil. Sometimes we stand on the side of the good and laugh in the face of evil. We point and belittle those who have fallen to the other side.

Other times, we drop a toe or a foot into the other boundary; we flirt with the black knight. Occasionally, he grabs us and we plummet. In this case, we aren’t hitting padded ground or being docked points like a gymnast is on a balance beam. No, we’re hitting other people or ourselves emotionally and physically. We damage, hurt and destroy. Indeed, the black knight carries a big sword that splits souls.

But he doesn’t carry a big enough shield. Evil is the weaker – or the lesser. As a brother, he loses to the Good. This world described is so black and white. Color arises in the canvas when we pick sides. And then the question becomes: Will you be on team Hero, or team Zero?

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