Friday, April 17, 2009

Beauty & Youth x Timberland Deck Shoes

If the price is right these are a definite cop. A collaboration between B&Y and Timberland. Like those 180's the black on black on black is a deliberate push towards simplicity and durability. Again, their versatility reigns supreme. Like most fly shit nowadays you can only cop them online from Beauty & Youth.



  1. yo these are dope, hahahah puttin me up on the shoe game, 1st undefeated now this! im feelin the styles son

    -Matt C

  2. yoo btw im trynna cop, cant find em, the Beauty & Youth link page dnt let u cop

  3. the shits in japanese so what you gotta do is go to google translator and then enter the B&Y domain into the google box. Then it will translate the site for you. Glad you enjoy. Stay up.