Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kehinde Wiley's "World Stage: Brazil" Recap

As mentioned before, the Kehinde Wiley exhibit was an amazing experience. Not only was the art hella dope, but the environment was nothing less than refreshing. A lot of times in L.A shit is wack because I go somewhere and I place myself in one really fragmented part of society. Either divided by race, class, social location or another factor, it is often times a challenge to be part of a diverse environment in L.A. Until I hit the art show.

This being my second time at an exhibit I was still new to this scene, and was initially unsure how to handle myself. However, when I stepped inside, everything changed. I was greeted by huge colorful paintings on every wall, and an eclectic group of art aficionados. What I realized was that the appeal of art is transcending. You don't have to look a certain way, have this much money, or come from here to appreciate what's before your eyes. From young to old, black to white to orange to green. Everyone was represented. And there were bad ones.

Kehinde Wiley is an amazing artist. What struck me initially was the detail he put into each piece. Each piece initially started as a blank canvas, and with each stroke he continued to create his vision. The process resonated with me as I see this, each word I write on here, right now, as a stroke towards my ultimate vision. His use of vibrant colors, along with subtle inclusions of whites and yellows to accentuate skin tones was remarkable. His ability to capture the essence of an individual while still presenting a work that's pleasing to the eye is more than impressive. I definitely recommend seeing this work. The exhibition will run until May 30 so you got some time.

More on the exhibit here


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