Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Videos: Eminem - "We Made You" Young Money - "Every Girl"

It's not that this song is bad. It's tolerable. But it's like, "We all know you can do better." This video would be cooler if this wasn't the first time he's parodied "popular" culture. But it's like his third. Some parts are amusing. And Em has also proven that leading off with a parody can work out. Beautifully. Coming with the Real Slim Shady into the Way I Am into Stan got him 1.7 mil first week off Marshall Mathers LP. But then again, to advocate the devil, that was a different time.

For the past while when an artist really blows up. Like a milli first week blowin up. It's almost like he's obligated to put his boys on immedietely. Em D12. 50 G-Unit. Nelly St. Lunatics. With Wayne it hasn't been immediate, but this video is like the '09 purple pills. More than anything, this video is notable for Drizzy. Originality is hurtin. But Wayne & Drake are a movement.


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