Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"So I Got This Treehouse..."

This treehouse was built in Northern Germany. Categorized as contemporarily unconventional (yes we make words out here) the house brings a mature twist to a childhood fantasy. German architectural firm Bauraum is so icy with the wood. Their firm builds dope ass tree houses all over the world. If you're stupid breaded, (or just wanna save up for a tree house) you can cop.

You know what's unfortunate though? I come across this tree house and topoff I'm like "this is hella tight." And the first thing, the first thing I think of to add is a tv. Then I stopped myself and started writing this, but that was my initial thought. I think that's unfortunate because I apparently have an inherent desire/connection to the tv, even though I don't have one. I'm kinda sad about this. But it can change. On another note, we'd prolly just play slaps, get on, and post on some trees in here. Play some board games and kick.We'd have a fly ass name for it. It'd forsure have a codename. We'll cop one soon enough. Who has suggestions?
via trendir