Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eminem - "3 A.M."

Wow? Well Eminem hasn't lost it. (Or maybe he has if you catch my drift). Either way we're paying attention. You won't like this. You'll hate it even more. You'll maybe not like the W&B as much because this is on here. But you'll think it's a masterpiece. Eminem has always had the ability to shock while entertaining us. This is more towards the shocking side. For those that have seen House On Haunted Hill, do you see the resemblance? Directed by Syndrome who also did Estelle's "American Boy," (a switch in scope to say the least). This is absolutely crazy and Ma you shouldn't peep this.



  1. he rides his shock value too much

  2. I agree to an extent. He's still talented but he definitely has a formula for his video releases. Make em laugh, shock em, and then we jock him...

  3. i feel like you couldn't just listen to the song by its-self, like if it came on the radio it'd just be weird; you need the video to go with it, its kinda its own sound-track