Sunday, May 3, 2009

Google Secures Book Scanning Technology Patent

So it looks like Google is/has developed technology to scan the content of entire books. This picture doesn't make much sense to us common folk but this is ultra noteworthy because Google patented the new technology used to succesfully scan books without damaging it. US Patent 7508978. Back in the day, Optical Character Recognition was used to scan books, but that technology relied on each page of the book to be flat, which is slightweight tricky.

Google has come through with some new infrared camera that detects the three-dimensional shape and angle of book pages when the book is placed in the scanner. This information is transmitted to the OCR software, which adjusts for the distortions and allows the OCR software to read text more accurately. I'm not even gonna front like I knew a thing about this. All of this info came from here and here.


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