Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Air Jordan Infrared VI Re-Release 2010

This will be a bittersweet release for those who already have a pair of Infrared VI's. For those that never had a chance, they get one more. This release is bittersweet because whenever a shoe is re-released its value decreases as there are more available to the public, effectively weakening the value for those that have already copped the kicks years ago. Regardless, these kicks are staples of the Air Jordan brand and might just be the first coppable J's since the Spiz'ikes. Even more notable because MJ won his first championship in these in '91. $150 price tag is still doin a bit much. Bowties.



  1. Fuck Jordan Brand,

    And I say that with all sincerity.

    It is 100% their right to make as much $ as possible, but damn near everything they've done in the past 4 years has been complete garbage.

  2. Last worthwhile J's were the Aqua VIII followed by some of the V's. In my shoe buying career their heyday was 99-00.