Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pacific Division - "The Mayor"

On Sunday night, the BET Awards aired, complete with performances from Beyonce, Hov, Drake & Wayne, among many others. Somehow, the show still managed to be pretty lackluster. What troubled me most though was the list of nominees under the category for best group. The Roots and N.E.R.D. is all gravy, but then I scroll down and see Day 26 and the GS Boyz. To make matters worse, Day 26 actually won the award. No hate, but fuck. To know that quality hip-hop groups like Pac Div, The Cool Kids or Zion I are out there grinding every day just to get their songs in rotation, while the "Stanky Legg" dudes are up for awards is just a little discouraging. But it's cool. As far as I'm concerned, Pac Div is killing the game, and they're back with a new video for "The Mayor". Fly as a space shuttle. Cool as a rain puddle. Don't sleep.



  1. PAC DIV is coool!

    keep up the good posts

  2. Appreciate the love bruh. Pac Div is definitely cool. Probly my favorite young group doin it right now.