Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CLAE McQueen Fall Collection 2009

As afore mentioned, versatile kicks are the 09. Although a lightweight outlandish color for some of us, if put together with similar and familiar colors up top, these kicks could be the perfect compliment. Known as the McQueens by footwear brand CLAE, these kicks also come in a navy suede that may be an easier rock for some. Call them settler kicks. Lan knows.



  1. my boy has the hook up for these . . . lemme know if ur into a pair

    - ian

  2. Thankyou for your amazing comment. Really means alot!

    I really have to say those shoes look really good, and I love red at the moment. They look like they wont wear out so much either which is good :D


  3. i'm glad you enjoy the shoes. like i said the red may be a little loud for some, but I think it's a good look overall. might need that joog ian...