Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shaquille O'Neal to be Traded to the Cavs

Shaquille O' Neal is getting ready to be a part of his 5th NBA team. The ramifications of this trade are kinda crucial as it seems like the Cavs are betting their chips on next season to at least get out of the east. If not, they'll have an older Shaq without the leverage to pull a valuable trade later on. Meanwhile it seems like the Suns were just trying to get rid of some heavy luggage as they receive Sasha Pavlovic and Ben Wallace in return. The key to trades in the NBA is to change before you have to. We'll see if these moves were correct come February.



  1. People are fools to think this is a good trade or fools to think that LeBron will now get a ring with the help of Shaq. Miami got a ring because of Dwayne Wade, James Posey, Alonzo Mourning, and Udonis Haslem actually playing some good defense.

  2. I agree to an extent. This is going to look like a bad trade if they don't win it this year.

  3. I just wanna know what his new self-proclaimed nickname will be. "Shaq-ron, ohio?" "The big pig slaughterer?" "The meat cleaver?" I just don't know if you can make any good ones for him in cleveland. "Shaqtus" was pretty silly, but effective. He's not superman anymore. Lost the handlebars so he can't be "the sherrif." I say he grows a full-on beard and goes with, "papa mennonite."