Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Artwork of Juan Francisco Casas

Would you believe me if I told you each of these drawings was done by ballpoint pen? The detail Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas puts into each of his sexually charged works makes it seem almost impossible, but apparently it's true. When considering how realistically he renders light, texture and motion, it makes the work that much more impressive. This is the kind of thing you can't help but be inspired by. If Juan can make something so perfect with just a pen, there's no telling what you or I could create using a paintbrush, a trumpet or even our own two hands. Sky's the limit I suppose. Check out more of Casas' work here.



  1. wow. that is talent. so much detail. and knowing that it was done with a pen makes me want to grab to channel my inner artist.


  2. I'm beyond impressed...i'm blown away.
    These look like still shot photos!!
    His water shots threw me the most i'd have to say...i mean the detail is AMAZING!
    Aaahhh... this is why I fuck with wine&bowties ... the blog I have to say I visit most. You guys are consistent with great art and news and.. music.. and .. fuck.. everything!
    good shit

  3. wowwwww, homie's dope. seriously talented. super hot and super realistic.

  4. holu... Shit this is beyond amazing. Its almost impossible that this is a drawing. Was it freehand or someone was modeling. He deserves all the recognition he will get . Astounding