Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nike Air Jordan VIII Commercial

Another example of Nikes cross marketing prowess. Starting with the VII's, a wonderful marriage between MJ and Bugs that culminated in Space Jam. But on a more important note, this is for all the bruhs that fuck with the VIII's. Tcase got a pair, Young Bob's got two. A.K had the black lows. Kof and I fucked with the Aquas. Doms probably got some too. No matter who you were, when you copped some VIII's you knew you were coppin a "refined J". As a part of the Jordan line, the VIII's wern't a mainstream kick, yet MJ rocked them on his way to his third title, and also did this in them. Visually, the VIII's were on some other shit, dual straps with the velcro raises eyebrows even today. Girls that didn't rock them always threw out the, "I like your shoes," even if you were rockin a nasty color, and the girls that rocked them you'd think about wifin up.



  1. Don't forget about us female sneaker fiends as well. I almost put on my Aqua's today - then I peeped the rainy weather and opted for some leather Dunks instead. My VIII's are one of my most cherished pairs of kicks in my collection. The contours are smooth, colorways are classic - and I can get away with a t-shirt and leggings as long as they're on my feet.

    Another hit, sir. Awesome post.

  2. Thank for sharing the video of Nike Air Jordan VIII Commercial. Well, I too have a pair of Air Jordan.