Sunday, July 26, 2009

Creative Ads In Unusual Places

It seems as though the best ads are the ones that disrupt our daily routines and demand our attention. Public spectacles are nice, and might work best for drawing people in by harnessing the attention of a collective group of people. Sort of on that, "What are all these people looking at, I should check it out," type thing. After the spectacle however, creative visuals compel us to notice an artifact initially, and then receive it's message as an intended result. Here are some ads that do just that. Enjoy.

Mondo Pasta

Fedex Kinkos

Folgers Coffee
via oddee



  1. Hey,

    Thanks for the comment on the blog. What you have going on here is excellent. The Fedex ad is definetly creative, but you can't get any more unique than the Folgers ad.

  2. I've seen shopping bags with handles that look like guns - it's always fun to see what creative ways advertisers can come up with to catch our eyes.