Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kanye West: Live at the Chicago Theatre

It's no secret who has the most theatrical live shows these days. From the background singers, to the extensive live instrumentation, to the flashing lights, his shows are full fledged productions. Last night, Fuse TV aired Mr. West's "Stay in School" benefit concert, an effort to raise attendance in Chicago public schools. Students who kept their attendance up last year were honored with a free ticket to watch Ye do his thing live on stage. Here's part 1 of the set, with performances of "Flashing Lights", "Through the Wire", "Put On" and "Hey Mama". Check here for part 2.



  1. don't get me wrong, the man is golden, but he should stick to his old stuff. that shit was unreal.

  2. Yeah I mean I'm not mad at 808s, it's a pretty great album too, but his first 3 were unbelievable. Could never really get sick of hearing songs off em.