Saturday, July 4, 2009

Heart - "What About Love"

This one's for the curious. Because most folks are gonna glance over this one, skip it, maybe peep the Seinfeld... maybe. Meet Heart, starting in Seattle in '63 the group banded disbanded and came together again for their '85 comeback single, "What About Love." But enough with them. Before you continue on reading this, press play on this track. Familiar?

See the truth is that this song was sampled as part of The Empires Carter III Sessions mixtape. Arguably the most creative, and experimental mixtape of Lil' Waynes career. Sampled for the track, "Something You Forgot," Wayne spoke about lost love in a manner we hadn't witnessed before. Simply put, Carter III Sessions, and more specifically, "Something You Forgot," turned people into fans and fans into believers. Yes. We're on our 80's shit. Wine & Bowties.


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