Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jerry Seinfeld On BlackBerrys & iPhones

A.K knows better than most of us, Jerry Seinfeild's got jokes. How can someone make a show about nothing yet have it relate to millions of people across the nation? Yes, Seinfeild was doing it. I wonder how he came to become a comedian? Were all his friends just like, "Dang Jerry, you're kinda funny though." In this clip, Jerry goes in on folks that fuck with the BlackBerry and iPhones too tough. Comedy.



  1. good shit but that iphone joke is super recycled... there's an episode of his show where he has some standup about how you cant slam a cordless phone u can only push the button extra hard or something... but this dude is genius nontheless

  2. DAMN! I know comedians do that from time to time. I guess they can't just be spontaneously hilarious all the time. I feel you though, they lose a little cred when they recycle jokes. Good lookin