Monday, July 20, 2009

Kid Cudi feat. Kanye & Common - "Make Her Say"

Another visual offering from the G.O.O.D music coalition. Dope off top because of the departure from the images of girls, money, and jewelery that we've seen for the last decade. There's a natural air to this video which is refreshing, further related through the complimentary colors used throughout the video. Attention to the aesthetic was a primary focus according to Cudi, "We wanted to go for a real abstract and iconic-looking video, something real artsy. It’s really dope,” he said. “It’s almost like there’s still shots and there’s movement going on in them. It’s really trippy.” Gaga cameo would've been nice but a settled video all around. Appreciated.



  1. Totally agree! It's really true that "sometimes less is more." And I was also hoping Lady Gaga would be in it! Oh well, it's still a dope video.

  2. hey hey thanks for the comment on my blog[:
    & well since you asked my favorite rappers right now are deffinately common & drake.
    common's lyrics are just amazinggg & drake is blowing up on the rapping game. he's killin it boy got mad talent on my opinion.

    btw i like your blog[:

  3. Nice nice nice!!!
    I like it.


  4. I don't understand this Kid Cudi hype.