Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Tenderloin Project

The best art isn't always the easiest to watch. Furthermore, the art that speaks to us most powerfully is often rooted in reality. Photographer/director Sean Desmond's Tenderloin Project most certainly falls into both categories. The project combines film and photography to paint what Desmond describes as "a compelling and honest portrait" of the Tenderloin, known widely as one of San Francisco's poorest and most marginalized areas. The result is something deeply resonant and meaningful, with a message and a purpose in mind. "The project will culminate in publishing the images in book form," explain the creators, "with proceeds from the sales being donated to organizations that promote and give access to art in the Tenderloin. This, we feel, will allow our project to live on for years and generations to come in the form of art within the community. " Check here for more info, videos and pics.


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