Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wale + Gucci Mane - "Pretty Girls"

So I guess this is the real one. The rough cut has been circulating for a while on the net, and Wale has been pulling this one out at shows regularly; now in a pretty unexpected twist, he decided to get the one and only Gucci LaFlare on verse two. Personally, I'd say the track could do without him, but if this means more Wale on the radio, I'm not mad at that. Say what you want about Gucci, but he's gotta be one of the most entertaining cats doin it today. Fact is people fuck with him tough. In any case, this one's a slap so it's only necessary that we follow up with the full CDQ.



  1. this track is way cleaner without gucci i feel u

  2. personally i think Wale is being a sell-out for doin a track wit Gucci, waaaaaaaack!
    shit like that will drive me to download his album (illeagally) instead of buyin it. .. smh im disappointed.

  3. mmm...the beat definitely provides that "feel good" feeling.

    Wale... a sell out? nah.. i wouldn't say that.
    He's holding his own on the joint.
    Music is versatile... you should be able to switch up artists and still make a hot song.. he did that.
    It's funny how people are so easily moved to drop support when change is in play.
    Drop the same shit you stay on the same toilet.
    didn't like that?
    ...ok... i tried ... lol.