Monday, August 3, 2009

Hollywood House of Blues Redesign Project Unveiled

This week, Curbed LA offered a detailed report of the House of Blues redesign project, a plan to incorporate the legendary venue into a huge hotel and mixed-use complex. Not even sure how to comment on this one. Without a doubt, this will be yet another crackin spot to go to with friends. On the other hand, does Sunset really need another huge, overblown commercial attraction?

Anyway, here are the specifics from Curbed:

The project includes the 76-foot-tall Sunset Hotel and Residences, the 63-foot-tall Olive Hotel and Residences, and the 35-foot tall De Longpre Residences. All told, there are 149 hotel rooms, 40 residential condos, five affordable housing units, and up to 35,000 square feet of commercial space.

And sounds like there will be delicious rooftop pools, lounges and restaurants for all you WeHoians to frolic in. There are also 426 parking spaces.

The developers are proposing the Kanner Architects-designed project be swathed in giant digital ads. From the draft EIR: "The proposed project would include a large screen video sign installation, which would be integrated into the architecture of the Sunset Hotel and Residences building. The sign would wrap the northern, eastern, and western fa├žades and would contain, in total between all three facades, approximately 5,300 square feet of light emitting diode illuminated panels."

Check here for more info + pics


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