Monday, June 22, 2009

The Clipse feat. Kanye West - "Kinda Like A Big Deal"

Often times, one of the primary goals of a music video is to breathe new life into a song by depicting it visually. I think music videos are at their best when the video makes you like the song more. I'm not sure if I feel this way after this one. Could they have gotten a bit more creative with it instead of a series of performance shots in a stairwell? I think so. Nice colors though. It's cool to see Kanye and the Clipse together. Kanye is doing a great job of staying relevant through his features recently, I applaud him for that. But I still wonder, will the Clipse ever make a better video than this?



  1. Yo Max. I personally find Kanye West to be insufferably, and laughably, pompous, but I like Clipse, so perhaps the video can be salvaged. ;)

    Only six days 'till our birthday yo!


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  3. no clue. i fuck with the examiner articles though.