Monday, June 22, 2009

The Lakers Do Jimmy Kimmel

This is great for a lot of reasons. It's fun to see a group of NBA cats off the court like this. It's funny though, because they threw together a hella random group of players. No Lamar, no Bynum. Yes Mbenga, Yes Adam Morrison. Kobe's too icy but he's not that funny. 1:30 is where shit becomes jokes. I feel lightweight bad for Mbenga, bruh just does not know what's going on. 2:02 is a classic one liner from JK. Dom would say, "What's good with DFishes fit?" And we would laugh. Adam Morrison is the least comfortable person on camera since Joaquin Phoenix.

It's hella funny because they have way too many people on there to do an interview. They were bound to have a few fools looking stupid on camera with that many people on there. You could've predicted Kobe would be talking the most. But Josh Powell and Adam Morisson don't say shit. Shannon Brown is hella clean. 7:53, Mbenga's still dumb ass lost. Hilarious but I feel for dude. Deep down Mbenga fucks with Kobe less after this interview. 9:05 he's actually mad. Adam Morrison kills it without saying hardly anything. Comedy all around.



  1. Morrison didn't even play during the Finals or playoffs, so it's funny that they put him up there.


  2. this actually made me like the lakers a little...

  3. haha wait...

    peep jordan farmar. he roasts d fish twice. once talking about his bald ass head...pretty solid joke...and then again when asked who the coaches fav is. this cat is forsure bitter and feels like he shud be the starter. haha


  4. farmar is forsure a lil salty. Adam Morrison was hella high though, that shit was hilarious