Friday, July 17, 2009

Dwayne Wade Leaves Converse For Nike

This move was long overdue. Didn't we think this would be the best fit all along? Apparently Wade has been unhappy with Converse since last season choosing to rock an older model shoe rather than the most recent Wade 4's. In a statement in regards to Converse, Wade stated he, "didn't want to be in the Converse brand anymore because it seemed like they didn't know what to do with me." No shit. This is another huge acquisition for Nike, bringing one of the most recognizable and marketable basketball players under their umbrella. You know what we'll see next. An icy iconic Jordan Brand commercial with DWade in it. Followed by a mediocre pair of DWade Jordans that will be cool to hoop in it, but no one will really rock because they're not as icy as Jordans. Meanwhile Nike will continue to get breaded and come closer to taking over the world. The end.



  1. Yo whats good man. I appreciate u for coming to my blog and showing some love. Imma be reading up on ur blog as well and on this D-Wade topic, I knew it was coming... Nike is running things plus imma huge nike collecter. But keep doing ya thing

    Mr.Only.Rock.Nikes signing off

  2. wait did he sign to team jordan?


  3. i knew it was coming had to soon, i agree with ty_owensjr, nikes running things biggtime

  4. lmao so true. I mean converse is like the father or the basketball sneakers.. but honestly
    no basketball head would've rocked those and we know its because they're converse brand. that's just how the cookie crumbles...